Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Touching by Cam Inventor

Touching - by Cam Inventor

Mistress loves to touch her property.  Let me tell you about a few of the ways.  Sometimes, when we are curled up in bed together, she’ll reach her arm out, slide her hand under her property’s balls, and curl her fingers round them, enclosing them in her palm.  This isn’t a foreplay thing, or punishment.  It isn’t stroking or squeezing.  It is just holding. Owning.  I love it when she does that. It makes her boy feel all warm and loving. And very submissive.

Sometimes, she’ll have her property undress before her.  She’ll make it stand there, naked, while she touches it all over.  Some of it is inspecting, analytical; which is exciting.  Some of it is pure curiosity; wonderment - and he loves how she finds that wonder.  It makes the ordinary, extraordinary.

Other times, she’ll chain her property up in a cupboard and hang weights off her property’s balls while she gets herself ready to torment him further.  She’s still touching it even then; letting his mind wander. When she’s ready, she’ll take her toy out, ready to play with it, and the last form of touching I want to tell you about today.

She’ll make her toy stand, those weights pulling painfully, while she crops him, clamps his nipples, makes him swing those weights back and forth, stroking her toy’s cock until it’s rock hard, right on the edge, then snapping her hand away.

And as it softens again, she delights.  Her attention has made her toy start to leak, its precum draining out of the end of her toy’s cock, forming thin strands as it drips slowly.  This is where she wants her toy; helplessly leaking into her hand.  Totally in her control, kept right on the edge but denied any release.  This is when her touch controls him totally.

Her touch makes him hers.  That’s why she loves to touch it.


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