Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Good Things by Lady Lobbie

They say good thing come to those who wait
well better things come to those who beg
no boy that not up for debate
now on your knees
or in a crate

I do not mind take your time
but for ever minute passed
Ill take you ass and make it mine
I want to hear you
whimper and whine

Come now boy you know its true
don't think for one moment
that I wont take a paddle to you
beat that ass
until it is black and blue

In my collar you belong
on my leash you should be
tell me boy am I wrong?
Come now knell for me.
Together we are strong

Invitation that can't be declined
to become completely mine.

By Lobbie Sommersett  (Riggles)

(1 line by Dec)


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