Thursday, August 23, 2018

Three Ladies & A Boy by Lady JJ

The boy shivered in the cool air of the wine cellar; of which the red French knickers covering his steel cock cage offered him little protection; as he carefully selected a Sauvignon Blanc from the rack. Swallowing hard at the price tag, he examines it, praying it will be enough to please not one, but all three Ladies. For tonight was his monthly chastity review and his three keyholders had chosen a private wine room as the venue. Having failed his last two, he desperately needed this one.

A deep breath to compose himself before stepping into the booth-like room where all three Ladies sat on a corner style sofa, the light hearted conversation and sporadic laughter greeting his ears. Feeling the instant burn in his flesh to chase away the chill as he he enters their field of vision, the fierce blush generating heat hot enough to fry an egg when their conversation turns to him.

"Oh these are cute!", exclaims the toned, bronze skinned and brunette Miss Jemma, referring to his underwear with a hint of amusement that causes him to look down. A glimpse of her shapely, nylon clad thighs disappearing beneath a velvet purple skirt, knowing full well how much that teases him.

"Thanks, I picked them out when he took me love them don't you, boy?", replies the second Lady in her well spoken manner. Her pale skin and petite form perfectly contrasted with her striking blonde hair and very red painted lips.

"Yes, Miss Madison and thank you for noticing, Miss Jemma", the boy manages as confidently as he can to a chorus of laughter while pouring the glasses of wine, noticing the single key each Lady wears on a necklace or ankle chain...the same key to his lock.

"How adorably pathetic!", the third Lady, Miss Lorna; her long raven black hair spilling down her back against the fitted dress that hugs her curves; adds as she is served.

A smile from the red lips of Miss Madison as she announces, "Well lets get this out of the way...position boy!" Prompting him to hurry to a spot before them and kneel. His legs spread and back straightens, relying on the punishing core body gym sessions at the instruction of Miss Jemma to maintain his posture as fingers interlace behind his head and eyes lower.

The next thirty minutes are a blur to the boy. A heady montage of ridicule, begging on his part, comments on his performance and highlights of his failures. The gist he gathers in his frustrated, humiliating but utterly submissive state is that Miss Lorna was happy with the effort put into properly cleaning and waxing her car, Miss Madison was happy with how his housekeeping skills were coming along and Miss Jemma found him very useful in the stables mucking out her horse.

Trying to hide his smile and relief at the way things seem like they were going, he lowers his head more and whispers a; "Thank you, Ladies"; just before the verdict is read out. As always the vote must be unanimous amongst the Ladies.

"I think it is a yes from me"; says Miss Lorna with a grin and dangles the key.

"There is room for improvement, boy, but I think I will be kind this time...yes from me"; Miss Jemma half smiles and half smirks.

His heart pounds as the last Lady is to vote...

Standing and walking towards him, Miss Madison's tight jeans enter his view, her perfume reaches his nose and he feels the closeness when she stands before him. "Well.."; she starts, "I am more of a Pinot Grigo Lady".

His world shatters in despair before it enters a sudden, blinding pain as her foot finds his balls. The air driven from him and he collapses forward to the sound of collective hysterical laughter ringing in his ears.

"Fuck off and pay the bill, are up at five for chores."


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