Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Invitation by Anonymous

The Invitation

‘Aha! I see we have an invitation’, Mistress said, waving a blood-red envelope and its contents.

He grimaced inwardly. Blood-red envelopes, in his experience, rarely heralded anything good.

‘Oh goodie, Yes Mistress’ he said.

His Mistress smiled brightly. ‘And, it is fancy dress!’

 ‘Oh goodie, Yes Mistress’, he said.

He groaned inwardly.

Then he thought to himself: ‘There’s a lot of stuff I do ‘inwardly’ - I wonder if it is some sort of Darwinian survival thing’?

His Mistress was pacing up and down. ‘You, obviously, will go as a French maid: heels, seamed stockings, black lingerie, satin dress and apron and cap, as usual. And I suppose we’ll just have to try to cut down on the number of male guests who fuck you in the closets. Even I admit that last time *was* a bit of a disaster. I mean, that spit-roast thing was just … un-aesthetic. And to be brutally frank, for about three days after, your breath smelled of … But *ANYWAY* the *BIG* problem is: what am *I* going to wear?’.

He thought for a moment: would I rather be fucked in the closet or fucked in the ass? But then he said: ‘Oh yes Mistress, that is the big problem: what will you wear?’.

‘I think I want to make a statement’, his Mistress said. ‘Something bold! I am thinking: leather, boots, gloves, whips, out-sized strapon dildo’, she said.

He groaned inwardly.

‘Oh goodie, Yes Mistress’, he said.

‘No, no. Go with me on this’ she said. ‘You dressed as a French Maid, Me as a Leather Domina … we could put on a little show with me fucking you in the ass!’

He thought: ‘And that will *totally* put off the ‘let’s all fuck the French Maid in the closet’ types when she decides it is time to disappear and hobnob with the other dommes.

‘Oh goodie, yes Mistress’, he said.

‘I know…  I know what you are thinking’, she said.

‘I *seriously* doubt that’, he thought.

‘’You are thinking’, she said, ‘Where is all the bondage? Where is all the discipline? Where is all the pain?’

‘Actually’, he began ….

‘But that will take care of itself!’ she smiled. ‘Obviously later on I have important things to talk about with the other Dommes. But the maledoms will be dragging you into the closets and fucking you and whatnot, and I am sure there will be some bondage and discipline involved’.

‘Whatnot?’ he thought. ‘What the fuck is ‘whatnot’?’

‘Actually’, he began …

‘I am *so* glad we have sorted this out’, Mistress said. ‘This is *exactly* the sort of thing that can *really* get to me – what will I wear, what are the others wearing. I can get quite stressed. And angry. Infuriated, really’.

He thought for a long moment.

‘I am so glad we have sorted it out too, Mistress’, he said.

She smiled at him, and handed him the invitation, which said ‘Your local church invites you to come along this Sunday for a happy morning of celebration and good fellowship’.

He sighed inwardly. ‘What a wonderful joker my Mistress is’, he thought.

‘You can put that in the trash’, she said. ‘And then pop upstairs and put on your French Maid uniform and fetch my strapon’.

He groaned inwardly.

‘Oh goodie, yes Mistress’.


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