Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Panties by Anonymous

This story is about my first experience of buying panties. As simple as this task might seem, it actually requires quite a deal of planning. First you need to make sure that the store is not near where you live or work, so you might not have to see the store people again or you don't end up seeing a friend or colleague at the store. Next you need to consider if it's a store that sells articles for both men and women or it sells articles specifically for women because what sort of a man would just budge in a ladies store out of no where. Next you need to plan your actions inside the store, whether you want to go straight for the panties or walk around for a while in the store and then "stumble" upon some nice looking panties and be like " ohh.. i was not here for panties but i would take it). Next ,Should you just buy the panties or buy other articles too as 'decoys'. Should you buy an expensive 1 just to give an impression that it was a gift for someone special for some panned night.
After planning all this i chose a distant store selling articles for both men and women. I entered and started to roam in the men's section for , keeping an eye on the ladies section. then i slowly made my way towards the ladies section, hands behind my back. there were like 3 or four 4 ladies in the ladies section, they started to give me strange look from the edges of their eyes that made me sort of uncomfortable. i thought to wait for a moment till they move on and then find and go through their panties selection in peace, I stood there, searching for panties maintaining safe distance from other ladies. then a man walked in the ladies section and i thought what the hell he is doing here. the man walked towads a woman in ladies section. and i was like.. ohh fuck, did he saw me standing here and found it suspicious so he decided to accompany his woman. right then a staff lady came to me and said something in her language (which i don't understand) but i took it as if she was asking "can i help you?". i replied "i am just looking for some nice panties for my girl". damn... my heart gave a thump... i should have said "dresses" and not "panties". panties were supposed to be something that i just would eventually end up buying . but to my relief she did not understand a thing i said. she muttered something again. people in the ladies section now were looking at me with keen interest. As a last effort i ran my eyes through the ladies section but could not spot the panties. i just gestured with my hands and said to the lady" never mind". i moved back to the men's section. i again started to roam the men's section waiting for my next opportunity to strike back like a lion. After a couple of minutes there i realized it has gotten way too awkward. screw this, ... Amazon exists for a reason...... i thought and left the store.


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