Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Delicious Regret by Anonymous

Delicious Regret

I bit, and it bit back.
Curiosity took ahold of me a little too hard this time.
The hunger set in.
The salivating need to take just a little taste.
Just looking in through the window at such a thing drove me to psychosomatic starvation.
Goosebumps rose.
heartbeat quickened.
Watching people handle it.
Fondle it.
Squeeze it.
Testing it for perceived... Ripeness.
I couldn't take it and I had to rush in.
Putting on my pleasant, conversation mask.
Doing my best to seem like anything but a crazed and needful individual single-mindedly seeking a fix.
I smiled, and bartered, and exchanged for what it is that drove me to this.
And finally.
One agonising eternity later.
I had it.
I tasted it.
I let the sweetness sink in.
And then the bitter bit back.
The sour coursed through me like electric regret.
My face screwed up.
My voice absent rendering my full-mouthed scream silent.
Breath sucked through my teeth in a desperate need for oxygen.
My mind contourting to find a solution to this newfound misery I had oh so recently craved.
Was I too eager?
Did I not prepare enough?
One thing's for certain.
That day really curbed my desire for eating lemons.


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