Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Brotherhood by Reason

Miss Saramoa shouted "Brotherhood!" yet again as I was standing over Banana, a giant taco shooting gun aimed right at her forehead, ready to splatter a delicious burrito all over her face.
"Brotherhood Reason!"

And at that very moment I wondered, what is this "brotherhood" Miss keeps talking and shouting about.

Ever since I met my lovely Mistress I was very possessive about her, even her sub(who got sacked for being jealous) bothered me despite me not even being under her consideration yet!
I never thought of or wanted to share her with anyone else yet somehow this friendly, banana-wearing, Britbong clown managed to make a place for herself in our relationship.
We've been trough a lot of adventures together, a bit of lows and a lot of highs, and I won't deny I tried to get her in trouble as much as she tried to get me in but at the end of the day, after all the annoyance I am still glad my buddy Banana is here, bringing us a lot of laughter on a daily.

Is brotherhood between subs this sense of comradery, friendship and willingness to tolerate sharing your beloved Mistresses attention with another person or just a way for Mistress to tell us to behave?
I don't know, but I sure hope this made for a good enough confession to submit and get me out of trouble!


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