Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Banana's Confession

To have power over the mind is a skill beyond comprehension for many but I confess that I now know my Mistress has control and power over my mind.  Slowly but surely I have fallen into her hands.  I have a significant degree of mental strength born out of my curiosity, desire to learn and lifelong experiences.  This strength enables me to manage the mental manipulation I have and continue to experience.  I hold this mental strength close as it guides me through my Mistress' journey, which is sometimes orientated around significant degrees of embarrassment and humiliation.  Systematically, slowly and steadily my Mistress takes my mind and with words, actions and requests, removes my comfort levels by introduces me to degrees of embarrassment and mental suffering never felt before.  However, as time goes by, I slowly become accustomed to my existence and my anguish, embarrassment lessens, the level of comfort increases, and to a point, my existence potentially becomes the norm.  If there is ever a thought that this state could be reached, my mind is taken to another level.  This results in a new level of humiliation and causes me to suffer mentally and causes confusion in my own thoughts, confusion in who I am or what I may be or may become.

This is the power my Mistress has over me and I confess that as my comfort levels again reach an accepting state, the power my Mistress has over me and her capabilities comes to the fore once more.  I confess that I contemplate the capabilities of my Mistress and what she could do, I could be moved on to another level of humiliation, I could be held in this accepting state, I could be taken down a long-term path, i could suffer further.  All these thoughts try to enter my mind but thinking just causes the previously confused state I found myself in, so I no longer think, i just accept my Mistresses desires, control and power.  I submit and call upon my mental strength to take me through any resultant experience if it arrives, learning and evolving with ever step.


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