Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Sticky Situation by Anonymous

A Sticky Situation

I was instructed by a lady to not to stroke my cock. I could only press and squeeze it. It was my training to think of something that I fantasize of. That is not what I will confess here, not my fantasizes, but my dreams. As I did not stoke my cock, I got no hand stimulated ejaculation. The Lady wanted update on my progression, and I told her that I keep on just squeezing the cock. She responded, she wants to know responses.

After days, and a week of no cumming, I felt the pressure build up in the system. Luckily was after about two weeks I dream in my dream that I was offered a gag that I did bite, it was sort of looking like a dog-bone. As I did bite it, it had two hanging leather pieces that automatically folded around my head, and straps that fixed it to my head. Suddenly I had no vision, no sight, and my hearing was suppressed. My hands got tied behind my back, and suddenly I felt my cock all stiff and a pressure building up, could not prevent an ejaculation. Felt the warm sticky cum in my pants, and bed. Ouch,  damn, it was only an dream, a fantasy dream, but oh so real in that moment. I so wish it was not just another dream.

Spring 2018


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