Monday, February 26, 2018

The Real Story of Valentine's Day by Rorke

What you are about to hear is the untold story of the real origin of valentine's day; the actual events which led to the card and flower frenzy which lovers celebrate all over the known world on the 14th of February each year.

Now, this humble historian is aware that most will be familiar with the tale of Saint Valentine, the priest who performed banned wedding ceremonies of roman soldiers against the laws of Rome and was killed for this.

However, this is not the case. Just like evolution (which is quite literally another story) time and retelling as corroded the facts. You see, dear readers, his name wasn't Saint Valentine but sub Valentine.

Sub Valentine, or Valentine to his friends, lived around 350 years ago in a shared flat somewhere in the North West of England. He was not to know but he was infact a direct descendant of the first submissive male and thus harbored feelings of subservience towards Women which was unbecoming of the times.

Indeed it was difficult for males born with the submissive allele during these dark ages...named not for lack of ample lighting but for the incorrect assumptions of male superiority...and even speaking of a Woman in charge could land one in rather hot water with the feds.

This is were our hero enters.

One morning, while going about his business he came across the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Out on her own, he wondered if she was lost as apparently a women couldn't circumnavigate the slightly curving high street unchaperoned. But as he approached his natural subbie-sense engaged and her confident manner indicated she was certainly not in need of assistance.

Of course being in her presence it was a matter of seconds before he was kneeling before her and cleaning the grime of the industrial revolution off her shoes with his handkerchief...

Next thing he knows...he is laying in a cell. It turns out a policeman had spotted him and thrown him in jail charged with 'crimes of submission'. During his stay, he was subjected to all kinds of exorcisms and was read the riot act on men are not submissive countless times. But it was too late. The very next morning he started a revolution from his bed.

He went and found the Lady in question again, visiting her house in secret and together, along with her maid, Sir Francis the Sissy (who you may know as the founder of pet play) they set about creating a network of Femdom resistance to overthrow the ideology of male dominance.

Back in those brutal times; Ladies and subs; one couldn't just post on facebook...there were no computers for a Valentine and co had to be clever. He hid messages in cards and offering flowers or chocolates to a Lady became a way of kneeling in public without arousing suspicion. Buying gifts was the start of the splinter group 'Findom' and making up cheesy rhymes or poems was a subtle means of humiliation.

Throughout the next few years, the movement grew exponentially as the ranks swelled with Dominants and submissives alike. With the movement becoming more overt, dungeons were invented as secret places to practice kinks while undercover collaring ceremonies were performed all over the land.

But with increased awareness came increased heat from the authorities and Valentine was arrested on numerous occasions. Each time refusing to denounce his true feelings and leading to longer stays in prison.

Unfortunately, Valentine and Mistress Sydney were deported to Australia for 'sustained shenanigans' ten years later. After a long voyage, and also the first ever period of chastity, they arrived on the 14th of February 1700. But it is not an unhappy ending, as Femdom turns out the unwitting authorities had already provided a vast array of bondage equipment!

So on Valentine's day, when you write that card or get those flowers for your loved one, spare a thought for the brave D/s couple who fought against ignorance to allow us, Domme or sub, the freedom to worship or be worshiped and live as the cave-people; Domeena and Rorkus; intended.


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