Monday, February 26, 2018

The Bell by Rob

“I will, Mistress!”

I throw my answer out before I have even registered what I am volunteering for. Service for a soiree? That sounds like an invitation for failure and punishment, while my fellow boy will almost certainly be the centre of attention. But it’s too late to change my mind now.

“Good, that’s settled,” Mistress says briskly. “Go and get into your maid’s outfit.”

I try to hide my wince as I bow my head and crawl across the floor to the bedroom door. Mistress has been perfecting my “maid’s outfit” for weeks, and it makes me blush every time I even think about it. Knowing that I will now have to wear it in front of her friends and my fellow boy makes me start to sweat before I’ve even left the room.

Sure enough, laid out on the bed is my uniform: a black garter belt with matching black stockings, two fine silver chains, my pink jewelled butt plug and – of course – my cock cage.

Reluctantly I start taking off my clothes, stripping down to my collar which Miss insists we wear at all times. Naked, I stare at the uniform – am I really going to wear this in front of a crowd of people!? With a jolt I realize that I am running out of time; the guests will be here in just a few minutes.

I start with the stockings; with the garter belt in place round my waist, I roll the first stocking and point my toes into it just as Miss has taught me. Then I glide it slowly up over my calf and past my knee, allowing the nylon to stretch easily over my skin. Even in spite of my fear about my imminent humiliation I revel in the smooth sensation; there is nothing quite so sensuous.

Once again reminding myself to focus, I clip the stockings to the garters and turn my attention to the chains. One end of each attaches to the ring at the front of my collar, leaving them hanging down across my chest, weighted by the clip attached to the other end. Then I take one of the clips – making sure not to tangle the chains – and attach it to the ring in my right nipple. The sudden weight of the chain on my pierced nipple makes me moan slightly, and my cock twitches. No! I have to put on my chastity cage in a moment, and I need it soft and manageable!

I try to distract myself as I clip the second chain to my left nipple ring and turn my attention to my plug. Bending over, I prepare myself and slowly push the well-lubed metal plug into my tight hole. My cock is instantly hard as my muscles stretch around it, filling me up, but I try not to think about how good it feels and concentrate on my breathing. Slowly my ass relaxes and the plug’s heavy shaft slides inside me with a rush of relief. The familiar feeling of fullness and tightness is almost overpowering as the jewel nestles between my ass cheeks.

I am just picking up my cage when the door opens and Miss walks in. I instantly drop to my knees and bow my head.

“Look at you,” she purrs. “You’ll look so pretty for my guests. I’m sure they’ll all want to have a good look at you. Are you ready to go out and greet them?”

Silently, head still bowed, I hold up the cage, knowing I am in trouble.

 Mistress’ tone is icy. “I see. What on earth have you been doing with your time? I gave you one task, and you haven’t even managed that. Well, hurry up and put it on!”

I scrabble to slide the cage into place; my cock definitely isn’t hard any more, and it slips easily into the metal sheath.

Miss stands over me and watches me fumble with the padlock. I click it close, blushing under her gaze. “Good. I don’t have time to punish your complacency now, but believe me I will deal with you later. Come with me.”

She leads me out of the bedroom and through the sitting room to the kitchen, ensuring she blocks my view of my fellow boy, who appears to be naked and is standing awkwardly in the middle of the room.

Trays of glasses and snacks have been laid out on the kitchen counter, along with a wide variety of drinks. Miss explains that I am to remain in the kitchen at all times unless summoned by the bell; but when I hear it “ring” I am to come through, take the guests’ orders and bring them drinks and snacks as they desire.

Just as she finishes, the doorbell buzzes. Miss gives my uniform one last look over and appears satisfied. Nevertheless, her expression is still frosty. “You’re on thin ice, slut. Do not speak unless spoken to, do not make eye contact with anyone and do not drop anything! I expect you on your very best behaviour or there will be severe consequences.” With that, she leaves, and I am left alone on the kitchen floor.

Just a few seconds later, however, I hear my fellow boy’s voice scream in pain from the sitting room. For a second I do nothing, frozen by my relief that I am not the one currently in pain. Then something clicks; my fellow boy standing naked in the middle of the room… He’s the bell!

Quickly I grab a tray of drinks and carry them carefully out into the sitting room. Sure enough, one of Miss’s friends is standing with the foot on the bell-rope which dangles from my fellow boy’s balls. He is grimacing with pain, as much from the dildo which appears to be lodged deep inside his ass as from the tension on his balls. Suddenly my own plight doesn’t seem quite so bad!

I kneel before the new arrivals and hold up the tray, blushing furiously as they discuss my outfit while taking their drinks. Everyone comments on my stockings, and they argue amongst themselves whether my legs would look better shaved or not. Once everyone has a drink, Miss motions me away and I return to the kitchen, my face still bright red.

A couple of minutes later there is another yell, and I rush out again. Several more guests have arrived. This time, Miss invites them to examine me closer, and orders me to stand up for inspection. Firm hands bend me over so they can see my jewelled plug twinkle under the lights, and they take it in turn to flick the chains hanging from my nipples. Miss laughs, but I can see she is watching her guests closely to make sure they don’t take things too far. Even though I feel thoroughly exposed, I am very grateful for her concern.

Once again their attention drifts, however, and Miss orders me back to the kitchen.

And so the night goes on. I am repeatedly called back in by the screams of my fellow boy to serve food and drink – so often, in fact that I begin to feel really sorry for his over-stretched balls! Sometimes I think they are calling on me just for the fun of tugging on the bell rope. I am required to kneel as a foot-stool, to offer foot massages and just as an object of their jokes and laughter.

At last, soon after the clock chimes midnight, Miss summons me one last time, and points to the floor in front of my fellow boy. Her friends gather round as she thanks them for coming.

“And now,” she says with a wicked grin on her face, “I think we need to reward my faithful bell for all his hard work tonight.”

She lifts my chin and looks me straight in the eye.

“You know what I want, so untie him and show my friends how well you can suck a cock.”


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