Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Rorke's Confession

This is an educational tale full of historical and scientific accuracy of how Femdom came into existence.

You see, there was once a time before the Dominion, a time even before Femdom itself, where the neanderthal caveman ruled supreme. Unchallenged as a Apex predator and perfectly adapted to survive, these first men truly were kings of the ancient world. This is where we meet the first submissive male, the male from which all subs are evolved from: Rorkus.

Rorkus was your everyday caveman, strong but quite simple, content to live in his own world of hunting dinosaurs, hitting things with a big club and showing the cave-women what was in his loin cloth. Despite this predisposition to the cave-life, Rorkus always felt something was missing.

One day, after fleeing from a vicious flock of pterodactyls, Rorkus found himself in a far and unfamiliar land. With darkness closing, our hero sought shelter in a nearby cave, little did he know this simple act would change the course of history!

As his eyes adjusted he became aware of another in the cave and he froze. But he did not freeze with fear...for sat on a rock, with legs crossed regally and the mammoth fur dress hugging Her every curve perfectly, was the most mesmerizing woman he had ever laid eyes on. We later learn she is Dommeena, Queen of Femdomia.

Language was not on of the cavemen's strengths and the simple grunting and groaning noises that usually suffice were clearly not impressing this heavenly Lady. "uuummm...urrgghh...mmmmppph", he said to her with no affect other than a disinterested look.

Crestfallen, our favourite neanderthal turns to leave, his club dragging across the floor but a sudden snap of fingers stops him in his tracks. To his sheer joy (and hands-free lifting of the loin cloth) she had moved from her rock to stand before him. A smile flickering on her lips as she guided him down to his knees.

Suddenly, a light bulb went off above his head (that is how the light bulb was invented but it is a story for another time), this is what was missing, this felt right!

Another push laid him flat onto his back and his breath quickened as she lowered onto his face, quite literally being queened by a Queen. Something that has not changed since the cavemen days is the basic male need to cum...so quite naturally Rorkus grabs his caveman cock and starts stroking as queen Domeena rides his face. Obviously it does not take him long and his caveman grunts and groans echo around the cave.

However, Domeena is clearly less than impressed with this performace and just as he is cumming...she pulls his hand away resulting in the first ever pathetic, twitchy, dribbly ruined orgasm! The rest of poor (or lucky!) Rorkus' evening was spent having his balls slapped mercilessly as Queen Domeena took her pleasure from him.

Now, that was just a short tale of the first meeting between Domeena and Rorkus. As most of us know evolution takes centuries, sometimes millennia to fully take hold which is why all the many kinks and fetishes we enjoy today began with what happened in that cave.

Keywords as per Lady Persephone's Trial Instruction: A Queen Queening, Caveman grunting, pathetic orgasm. Word count: 549


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