Tuesday, October 31, 2017

One More Night by Anonymous

Late at night, I'm deep in my sleep, yet my body writhes. Another fantasy plagues my dreams and it tortures my soul.

I am kneeled before the door dressed in collar alone. It's 5'oclock in the evening, and I hear the car door close. She's stressed, angry, ticked at her work. Damn chauvinist pig of a supervisor has Her clawing the wood.

And there I am again, like a slave for Her. The door opens and She glares down to my poor position, and I shiver and shake. Hold my composure as she grabs my leash...

Now I cross my heart and I hope to die... Break from my dreams to find that one more night.....

I'm tied to the bed, face down, muzzled, arms tied behind my back. Legs spread wide tied at the ankle, knee bars in between. And I don't wanna pull them down as their spread up high... Anal hook will pull too tight.....Add a blindfold and I'm off tonight....

Cause there's something really amazing about being Her playtoy. She can tease and mistreat me just to Her wish, and what can I say, what can I do, I could never protest, No, I'll most certainly love this to my last dying breath...

See the pain it sears through the skin.... Just like the whip She uses to break me within.... It's not some sick fantasy just at night., Cause I wish She'd use me for her Own brutal high.

Let's those legs down, hook, out, and I feel so open... Well that won't last long as she climbs on the bed... Oh, oh, and I know what's coming on its way. The muzzle to a ball gag, to keep me quiet.

Now back and forth She swings with me.... Like a dance for two, but She's the lead. She guides me back and forth just how She please. She goes rough-hard against me like she's going to war. Sometimes I wonder if she pictures me as her premier enemy, yeah. And despite my attempts to stay quiet, I can't help but beg for it.... Guess what she says is true about me, I'm just a little slut. I'm a whore, and I'll be it ever more. But I'm all Hers, every bit of me belongs to Her grasp.

The dream then breaks, and I open my eyes. Clock reads 8 am in an empty bed. I can't explain the red marks that have broken my skin. My shoulders ache, but I hope to see that again. Still part of me feels real empty. Go to work but I'd rather be on my knees. I'll go through the day, back to bed in the same way., and pray again for One More Night.

(Lightly based off the song "One More Night" by Maroon 5)


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