Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Inside A Mistress' Mind by Lady Saramoa

Reason was given  a task to do !
Reason was given a chance to fix his mistakes!
Reason had an opportunity !
So he had 9 confessions to write within Friday and he failed!
To be fair I can understand writing is an art! and not everyone can do or feel comfortable doing it! But he had a task and he failed!
So he will be given 9 different punishments about the things he loves the most!
And for this event I delivered a confession myself
As always... we have to cover their asses!


She got walked in the bathroom, got undressed and finding a way to de-stress after a long day at work, changing the lighting with a couple of scented candles, and adding some soothing sounds… soaking in a nice hot bath for at least 20 minutes…

Noisy thoughts run into her mind… phone doesnt stop ringing and she recognize some of the personalized ringtone of her submissives coming in… they need directions, they need to know what to do, they need her!

She is angry at one of them… and she needs to find out the right punishment for him… “so what is important to him”? – she thinks out loud.

OBEDIENCE is expected. It is something that is non-negotiable!

Leaning on the towel bar she clothe herself with a all white thick robe, she tie the sashes together walking out her room. 

Having a look at the phone, reads all the messages :

-    “when are we online today, Mistress” – she smiles –
-    “That was embarassing, Miss, I can’t stop thinking about it tho” – she laughs out loud –

She applies scents to "hot spots," areas that are the warmest, like the small of the back, the stomach, the back of the neck, and the ankles.

Preparing a small dinner for her to eat curled up on the couch, while TV keep talking about horrific brutality of the real life, but her mind is somewhere else: “If someone wants to see what is important to a submissive, determine what they are wiling to let go of” – someones’ said -

Annoyed by the average people around her, she can’t wait to go back to them… those who gives her pain, love, strength, purity, sensuality, eroticism, loyalty, honor, respect, integrity, trust, truthfulness and commitment.

She has needs.
She has expectations. 
She is demanding.
She turns off the TV and turns on the PC…
Her boys are there : “Hello Mistress!” – “Good evening Mistress” - she grins -




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