Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween by Anonymous

The date is approaching... it is nearly that time of year again. Halloween - when adults can dress up in crazy outfits and act like nobody is watching. It is like SL but with candy!

Halloween is not my favourite time of year but there is something oddly freeing about being able to be someone or even something else for a night.

I've been thinking lately how fun it would be to integrate D/s with Halloween...

He rings Her doorbell and waits patiently hearing footsteps moving towards him. He swallows hard as the door opens and light shines out. A gorgeous Lady dressed as a witch stands before him. 'She is gorgeous!' he thinks to himself. A moment passes as his eyes adjust and then he says "Trick or treat" with a smile on his face, confident that his costume is concealing his identity. She responds "Trick" and quickly reaches out, grabbing his arm and yanking him into the house.

He opens his eyes wide and looks around sheepishly as the door slams shut. Her hand takes a hold of his waistband as she walks in front of him without saying a word. Her heels click on the wooden floor guiding him towards another already open door.

Carefully they descend a steep staircase into a darkened room. He blinks rapidly trying to adjust to the low light, when suddenly the 'clicking' stops.

A firm feminine voice rings out from the darkness "Don't move".

He remains totally still despite feeling something gripping his left wrist and then his right. His heart pounds in his chest as he stands there for what feels like an eternity. The lights flicker on. He looks around and sees Her standing by the wall watching him. Then his eyes start to bounce from one spot to the next locking on to various pieces of equipment dotted around the room highlighted by the directional lighting. He is in... a dungeon.

She walks over to him with a quiet confidence and a slight grin on Her face. "You can move now".

He tries taking a step forward. The chains attached to the cuffs on his wrist go taut and he falls back.

"Now now... what trick would you like to see?" She says laughing to herself as she slowly undoes his pants.

He stutters, lost for words and with one quick movement she yanks his pants and underwear down to his ankles. His cheeks flush as his quickly stiffening cock reveals his excitement at the predicament. She slaps his cock hard sending it bouncing from side to side.

"Did I say you could get hard?" She says tapping her foot impatiently.

"No" he says quietly.

She slaps it again "No what?!"

He squirms and pulls his hips back feeling the sting running up and down his shaft. "No Miss!"

"That's better" She says and starts walking around slowly inspecting him.

Having done a full circle She stands in front of him and produces a large Jawbreaker.

"Time for candy" She says forcing it into his mouth and securing it with duct tape.

She smiles widely seeing both the panic and excitement in his eyes. Taking up position behind him, she slowly gropes his ass, kneading the cheeks together and spreading them apart. Letting go and without any warning she slaps his right ass cheek hard, grinning as his ass tenses up and a red outline start to form. She quickly follows up with two more hard slaps in the same place, laughing hearing his pained sounds and watching him squirm in the restraints.

She drags her nails over the red hand print, watching as the white lines quickly turn red again. Just as she draws her hand back, a loud "ding dong" echoes throughout the house.

"Don't move" She says with a grin on Her face and walks away.

At the top of the stairs she says "I hope you enjoy your trick, it's time for me to go and hand out treats" and with that she turns off the lights, closes the door and walks away.


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