Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Fun Night For All by Lady Lobbie

My eyes are skimming the pages of my book. Suddenly there is a knock at the door looking up at the clock I wonder who the hell is that at this time of the day. I pull my robe around me and go to the door. Pulling it open there is a guy stood, covered in dirt and sweat. “Oh hello…” he stammers as I peer down upon him “Miss” he adds almost silently. “What do you want? You filthy creature.”  I say tapping my foot. “I need help please my car has broken down.” I scowl at him. “Please Miss.” He whines at me. “ I roll my eyes and for a moment conceder slamming the door in his face, but decide I might be able to have a bit of fun with this one. “Do you think for one moment I’m going to let a dirty filthy pig like you in to MY home?” He looks up at me his eyes closed slightly. “I’m so sorry I know I should not ask but I saw the light on, I tried to fix my car that is...”  I put my hand up to stop him speaking. “Enough, you pig may enter my home only after you are clean and dressed suitably.” I point around to the side of the house to the gate. “Go that way and wait outside the building, do not enter until I have given you permission.”  He nods as he makes his way he stumbles. “Ouch.” I hear him mumble I softly chuckle oh if only he knew what I had planned.

I go to my room finding out a tight skirt and top and make my way to the door I look at for him and see him standing looking at the building just beyond my home. I see him shivering and smile, I swing open the door and he jumps and chuckle again. “Don’t worry pig this won’t hurt,” I say to him adding “me.” Under my breath, I move over the door and pull out the key unlocking it I push it open I gesture for him to enter and follow behind him I switch on the lights and at the same time I swing the door closed locking it just as fast. He blinks as the light comes on I hear him gasp before him is my play room; a large cross dominates the space. Over in the corner is well I guess you could call it a shower it’s more 2 tiled walls with a shower over it and a hose to one side. “You may shower here, take your shoes off before you cross this space, threw the door you will find a laundry room, I do hope I don’t have to instruct you on how to use a washing machine. When you are naked and your clothing are on to wash you may come back and stand in the shower.” I point to a door at the side of the room and he nods and makes his way to it. When the door closes behind him I go over to the shower area making sure the water is a suitable temperature for a pig like him. He enters the room I see his hands are trying to cover his worthless cock I snigger. “I don’t know why you are so worried about me seeing that pig it is but a little useless worm a bit like you.” I sneer at him he drops his hands and stands on the shower tiles I turn on the hose and aim is for his cock he flinches. “Miss.. the .. water.. is.. cold..” He says his teeth chattering from the cold I watch his cock bounce as I turn the hose on and off.  “Oh I know, I’m hardly going to waste hot water on a pig like you now.”  I hose him down “Turn around and bend over, I don’t want to miss one bit.” The cold water hits his ass and I adjust the size so a fine stream is now gushing and I use this almost like a whip on his naked ass. “Ouch, mmm Thank you.” He grunts, “Open your legs pig I want to see that useless cock of yours.” He parts his legs and as I guessed he is semi hard I tut. “You boys are all the fucking same thinking about your needs before that of a woman.” I turn the hose off and hang it up. He is still bent over trembling. “Ok pig, go dry yourself and wash the towel you use in that room you should also find something to wear.” 

When he comes out the room I see the apron he has chosen is Barbie pink with frills and I can see the tip of his cock below it. “Now I think I need a bath come pig.” We make our way back to the house as we enter I see him relax and smile. “Oh you think your safe in here do you?” I grad a spatula from the side and slap his ass with it. “You little pig are never safe, now go run me a bath.” I point up the stairs. “Left first door." Call me when it’s ready” I watch his ass as he makes his way up stairs. After around 15 min he calls “Miss, your bath is perfect for you.” I make my way to him. He is outside holding the door open for me, inside he has lit the candles and the bath is full of bubbles. He bows “Miss, if this pig can help in any way please just ask.”  I look at him “Well at least you can do one thing right pig. Enter and get on your knees.” I take my clothing off and slip in to the bath I see a slight budge under his apron and chuckle. I slowly cresses my breasts covering them in bubbles letting out a moan I gaze at him he gulps. I reach up on the shelf for my waterproof toy flicking it on it admits a soft buzz. I plunge it in to the water and slowly rub it over my clit grunting with pleasure my eyes never leaving him. Watching him watching me his excitement growing with every moment until I orgasm I notice a small spot on the apron. Placing the vibrator on its shelf. “Aww poor pig do you want one?” His eyes light up. “Yes, oh please Miss.” “Go in to my room and bend over the bed.” I tell him. I get dry and dressed and enter my room he is bent over facing away from me. I pick up a crop and bring it down on his naked ass with each word I slap his ass. “What (1) makes (2) a(3) worthless(4) pig(5)like(6) you(7) think(8) I (9) will(10) let(11) you(12) cum(12). Now (13) go (14) get (15) your (16) stuff (17) and (18) get (19) out (20).” I stop and he stands “Thank you Miss.” He says and leaves I fall on to the bed and in to a deep sleep


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