Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Confessions of A Sub by Anonymous


The one that brightens up my day

It was the day after the auction at the Dominion, I was working on the tasks that were assigned to me by the Lady that bid the highest for me at the auction and another Lady messaged me out the blue. I was not used to getting too many messages as I usually keep to myself and do not interact all that much unless called upon. It was the message that was the start to a wonderful friendship. I was in awe, enamored and completely taken in by this Lady like no one else has ever in second life. In a short while I got incredibly close and I am still completely smitten by Her.

I wait eagerly each day for Her messages and Her support and encouragement. It brightens up my day like no other. She is a true inspiration as I admire how hard she works and how strong she is. I admire her for what she has achieved and how she strives and overcomes her difficulties and there is so much I learn each day from Her.

I have never thought I would be able to bond so much with a person on SL, but I am happy it is Her and She is truly special in each and every way to me in just the little things she says and does which could be just telling me to “Go to bed”.

I hope one day that I would be able to proudly say that She is my “Mistress”. It is for that day that I eagerly and patiently wait.


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