Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Chapter One - The Breaking by Anonymous

Chapter One—The Breaking

They had met online…one of those odd, chance meetings that seem innocuous at the time but end up life changing.  He was there as Dom and She listened to him chat…watched him closely, saw something in him that drew Her, saw past the bluff and bluster.  She started the conversation…it had lasted weeks and in that time She slowly drew him in, made him look within himself, made him understand his true needs and desires in a way that put him off balance, confusing him at first.  Then he saw…saw Her, saw himself and understood his true nature and She had collared him shortly thereafter.  They had moved in together some months later.

The relationship was wonderful…She was beautiful and he had that rugged, handsome look and was honestly, a bit old school.  Out in the world he was naturally protective of Her, opened car doors, pulled back Her chair, always tending to Her needs first and She loved that about him.  He was simple and direct in his approach to life…things simply were and he accepted…he would not talk much about his past life though…She saw shadows there when She asked…deep within…and She just had to let that go…for now.  We all have our shadows She thought to Herself.

The sex was delicious…they were a good match and at times She would take him, although not as hard as She had others in the past and other times they would simply make love, hard and passionate, deep into the night.  He was a good lover, knew how to please and entice and always looked to Her needs first.  She always led, even though he might not realize it and was molding him, even though he was not always aware…bringing him to the point where She needed him to be…to make him into Her vision…to allow him to be the man She thought he needed to be…to release the inner desires he had avoided for so long.

Over the months together, they had fallen into the rhythm of life, both working, both busy with the same issues of any other couple working to integrate their lives.  It happened one morning…She was in teaching mode, working to make a point with him and he was distracted… a big project at work that was consuming his time and he had blown Her off.  Cut Her off in mid-sentence and said he had to go…not even a kiss good-bye.  She had seethed all morning.  There was something about what happened that made Her angry, but also frightened Her a bit as She felt him slipping away.  She would not lose him.

His phone binged around noon and he looked at the IM.  It said, I will be home at 7, I want you at the front door at 6:30 waiting for me, collar, cuffs, ball gag, kneeling on rice and wearing panties…pink.  He read it a second time and shivered.

She walked into the house at 7, put Her purse on the table and looked at him kneeling as instructed, waiting for Her.  She knew the 30 minutes on the rice must have been agony for him, given his old knee injuries…but She didn’t care.  The drool from the ball gag was running down to his chest and She saw the cuffs on wrists and ankles and also the lovely pink panties.  He looked up at Her with defiant eyes…in pain, angry and confused.  She started to turn away and then whirled…slapping him across the cheek so hard that it made him stumble to the side.  He righted himself slowly…his eyes finding Her again…still defiant.

She walked past him to their room…left him kneeling there, waiting.  She undressed and got dressed slowly.  Black satin bra and panties and then pulled on the wonderfully supple leather thigh high boots he had bought for Her while in Spain on business, She rose to return to him, the 4” spiked heels clicking on the hardwood floor.

She attached the leash to his collar…pulled him roughly after Her, forcing him to follow on his knees…She knew he had been there long enough to have the rice embed in the skin, but, to his credit, She didn’t hear a groan or sound as he crawled behind Her.  She was not a dungeon Mistress…didn’t have a specific playroom, making use of everyday things when She needed.  They did, however have a bondage bench in the extra room and it was a simple padded device that allowed Her to restrain if She chose and tonight, She chose.  She pulled him over the bench, attached the wrist cuffs to the bottom rings and then the feet…there were multiple widths and She selected the ones that spread him the most, opening him up to Her.  She leaned down and quickly bound his balls, which did bring a groan and at that She smiled to Herself…he had no idea, thinking perhaps this was just hard sex.

She walked around, Her heels clicking on the hardwood floor as She moved.  Squatting down in front of him She grabbed his hair to pull his face up, making him look into Her eyes.  “Do you want to leave…shake your head yes and I will unbind and release you and you can pack and go”.  He looked at Her, shook his head no.  She smiled at him, a predatory smile that did not touch Her eyes…one that he had not seen before.  She could see in his eyes that he was less defiant…less sure.  “When you begged my collar you said you gave yourself to me…told me you were Mine and I, in return, told you I would take from you everything.”  She slipped a hand to his throat…gently at first…running over it lovingly…then tightened.  She heard a slight gasp as he struggled for breath.  “You are Mine…all of you, even the breath you take is Mine…I have been too soft…I am going to remind you tonight who you belong to”.

She stood…walked behind him…took the heavy leather flogger that hung next to the whip from the bench and ran it across his back and down to his ass as She moved.  She had flogged him before but usually using the pain to accentuate the pleasure…tonight was different.  She leaned and pulled the pink panties halfway down his thighs.  Reached for the ass plug, lubed and shoved it into his ass…not gently as She usually did, working in…She pushed it all the way with one stroke…heard him grunt.  She then drew back and hit him with all Her strength, bringing another grunt from him…then lightly ran Her hand over his ass where it had left a red mark.  She stepped back, the next blow up between his legs, slapping into his bound and red balls which brought both a grunt and a groan.  Then She went to work…flogging him hard…the blows alternating between ass and balls as She listened to him grunt and groan with each.  Not quite the sound She was looking for. 

She walked around the bench again, squatted, grabbed his hair, making him look into Her eyes again…he was sweating now, his eyes less focused.  She turned Her head as She spoke, much as a lioness would her pretty, just before she struck,  “I want you all, I want your screams and tears, and I will have them”.  Tossing the flogger to the floor casually, She grabbed the whip from the hook as She walked by.  Positioning Herself behind him again, She reached back with the whip and let it fly, cutting into his already red and sensitive ass.  The sound he made was more…had a higher pitch and She went to work on him…the whip an extension of Her, a part of Her, Her anger, Her pride and in an odd way Her love.  She varied the strokes so that he could not anticipate and each time the whip touched him it left an angry red welt and She occasionally went up between his legs to touch his bound balls.  She started to sweat Herself from the exertion…gentle beads running between Her large and beautiful breasts.  She lost track of time…had folded into Herself as She delivered the soft leather to his sensitive ass…Her mind drifting to another place, another time.  His sobs brought Her back…low moaning sobs as he was trying to speak around the gag…all She could make out was, please, please, please.  His head and body shaking as he begged.

She stopped…that was the sound She was looking for.  She walked back around…pulled his face up, his eyes were red and swollen, tears streaming down his cheeks…he was panting, trying to catch his breath.  She gently took the ball gag out.  Looking deep into his eyes, She asked “Who do you belong to?”  “You my Mistress, You”, came the ragged reply, his eyes searching Hers.  Satisfied with the answer, She reached over to the bed and grabbed the strap-on, attaching it as She watched him.  “Yes my pretty bitch, you are Mine, all of you…kiss the tip of my cock”.  He tentatively reached his lips out…kissed.  “Now, open your bitch mouth, wide”.  He opened.  She had had him suck for Her before of course…but this was different…She actually slipped a little lube on the cock and then took him.  She drove the cock deep into his mouth…felt it at his throat…saw his body convulse as he tried to gag it out…held it there for a moment, letting him adjust, catch his breath.  Then deeper…felt it push into his throat…again, he gagged hard…his body pushing up from the table as he gasped for breath.  She had both hands on his head, holding him in place…held it there, held it…then out...he gasped and wretched, large amounts of drool coming from his mouth, falling to the floor.  She pulled his head up again by the hair, “Are you my pretty bitch, my little cocksucker?”  “Yes”, was all he managed to get out.  She slapped his face hard, “Complete sentences, bitch”.  He looked up into Her eyes,” Yes my Mistress, I am your pretty little cocksucking bitch”.

She looked down at him…red eyes, drooling, tears still sliding down his cheeks, “Good, I have had several men ask me about you at the clubs, we are going to find you a real cock to suck…they will like the pink panties on you I think.  I have one in mind and have watched him work…he loves to take men and turn them into little bitches.  Let’s just say he has peculiar tastes”.  She slipped the cock back into his mouth, gave him a moment and then slowly started to fuck his mouth…deeper with each stroke, would listen to him gag as She got deeper…then finally all the way in…speeding up…taking, fucking his mouth just like his ass.  She listened to the sounds coming from him, moaning, gagging, the odd throat sound when it’s invaded…waited, knew he was on the verge of breaking, fucked his mouth savagely for a few moments more…then pulled out, wiping the wetness of the cock across his cheek.

He had his head down, looking at the floor while the drool continued to come from his mouth…She grabbed his hair, pulling his face up again, “Open”, and he opened his mouth…She leaned and spit directly into it, looked into his eyes and hissed, “You are Mine”.

She walked behind him…heels clicking on the floor…pulled the plug from his ass…put the cockhead at the entrance, hesitated a second and then rammed it into him.  Usually, this was a slow gentle process when She took him, made love to him, but not tonight.  She fucked him savagely…up on Her tiptoes for better leverage, She raped his ass…he cried out from the first stroke…groaning and grunting as She took him.  She pounded him, Her full weight behind each thrust…deep, hard, unrelenting…reaching around to take his nipples in Her hands, twisting hard, making him cry out again and again…bringing them back, slapping his welted and red ass hard making it sting even more.  The only sounds in the room were his groans and sharp cries as She raped him and the rhythmic sounds of the cock moving in and out.

The fucking affected Her as well…the strap-on rubbing Her as She fucked him, She found Herself taking it deep then grinding against it against herself as it rested there…Her desire flaring up.  She finally pulled out…heard him still panting hard…took off the strap-on and let it fall to the floor.  She released the restraints…pulled him up on shaky legs by the leash…pulled him to the bed and pushed him onto it, face up. 

 “You don’t get to fuck Your Mistress tonight bitch, in fact, not sure you will ever get to do that again, we will see.  But you will pleasure Her”.  She mounted his face…lowering Herself down onto him and said one word, “Lick”.  He did, desperately…he licked and sucked Her and as She moved and ground on top of his face sometimes his tongue would be in Her pussy, then ass…each time he tried to lick and suck and tongue as fast as he could…desperate to please Her.  It did not take long…She was already so wet and hot that when he first slipped his tongue into Her, it hit Her like an electric shock…after only a few minutes She pushed Her beautiful breasts together…moaned and came onto his face…grinding and moaning, cumming again and again as the waves washed over Her…his face slick with Her as She collapsed for a moment onto his stomach to catch Her breath.

She got up…pulling him by the leash after Her and then sat down…making him stand in front of Her.  She reached out and untied his balls…now bright red.  She leaned back…spread Her legs as She sat…Her breasts falling low and looked up at him.  “Stroke for me bitch”.  He looked at Her…then into Her eyes…his hand slipping down to find his cock then slowly starting to stroke for Her.  He blushed as his cock responded so quickly, growing hard in his hand…looking at Her…looking deep into those sometimes unfathomable green eyes, a hawk’s eyes…She missed nothing. 

 Moaning low as he stroked, the precum coating his hand.  “Faster, bitch”.  And he did, increasing the speed, feeling the familiar tingle in his balls…knowing he would cum soon, could not help it.  She looked at him, “Cum into your hand, bitch, now!”  He did…the command from Her so strong…he raised his other hand and came…shooting out huge spurts, most of it on his hand, some overshooting, landing on the floor.  She pulled the leash down, forcing him to kneel…leaned in, watching him closely, “Now, lick bitch and make sure you don’t miss a drop”.  He dropped his eyes…brought the hand to his face, licking the warm cum from it, licking between the fingers, sucking the fingers in to get each drop. Then She looked down and he knew…he went to all fours, leaned and licked the last drops from the floor.

She pulled him back up by the leash…pulled his face to Hers, “Who do you belong to” and he whispered, looking deep into Her eyes, “You my Mistress, always”.  She reached, unsnapped the leash, took his hand gently, led him to the bed, laid back and pulled him down, his head resting on Her chest…She listened to him…felt him, knew him and soon his breathing slowed…She murmured gently, soothingly, over and over, “Yes my love…Mine”.  She stroked his head as he lay there and soon She felt him drift off and thought to Herself…I wonder what dreams will come.

In the morning, he woke, having slept late and She was already gone as She had an early morning.  He wandered out to find coffee and there on the counter some clothes were laid out along with a note. He picked it up and read:

Good morning my love…I have left some things for you.  You will wear these whenever you are in the house alone or when I am there, no matter who I have with me.  Over time, you will be able to earn your other things back, but for now…  Kisses.

He looked at the folded items…sheer, black maids apron that would cover his chest and fall maybe just below his waist and sheer, black lace panties.  Next to the clothes was a collar, pink, with white letters spelling out “Bitch”.  He looked towards the door as it beckoned to him, as it offered him freedom and then he lowered his head, felt his face growing red and slowly slipped off the robe and put everything on.


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