Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Chastity by Leasha

Confessions - Chastity

This is my chastity confession.  I confess that prior to experiencing chastity, my perception was  that this cannot be a difficult scenario, it has to be something if experienced that would be completely manageable and non impactive, how wrong i was.  It soon became clear that as the hours went by, no impact, as the days went by, a little more impact, as the weeks went by, serious impact and again, i confess that i do like a little fiddle faddle with my credentials but try to keep it down to a minimum (two or three times a day seems reasonable, surely!!!!!) but as the period of chastity extends, not being able completely overwhelms me.

I have to confess at this point, due to my Mistress's leaning towards "chastity extensions" i have recently tried to hold in my desires and feelings (trying desperately not to ask for an end date) but i cant hold them in, its impossible, my mind fills with thoughts of my Mistress, the power Miss has over me, how Miss has taken my heart and soul and how it sits in the palm of her hand, to do with as Miss desires.  I become overwhelmed with these thoughts, they build and build to a point where they are in my mind almost on a constant basis. 

This may appear to be to much for some but let me add an ingredient to this scenario that should bring clarity, my Mistress ramps up the "chastity effect" with little activities that i confess, have never crossed my mind to do prior to the life changing day when i was told "don't speak to me...wear this banana and never take it off".  I am told to put on stockings, panties and bras under my clothes, i am told to purchase said lingerie and ask "if it would suit me" whist recording for evidence on my phone, i am told to take pictures and "pose, well!!" and now im a bloody porn star!!!!!!!.

This is where i have to confess that having never even thought about doing such things in the past, now (especially within chastity) putting on such things in the morning before work fills me with sensual thoughts, but please note, not due to the actual attire but due to the fact that i must do so for my Mistress, i have no choice, this (more so in chastity) makes me tingle but as these instructions continue to rain down on me, i ache, i squirm, i struggle, i tingle, i desire, i sigh, i despair, i crave, i feel every emotion possible but most of all, i feel myself sitting in the palm of my Mistress's hand, unable to do anything but the desires that come to her mind, i am forever hers, deeply and truly, my heart my soul my everything are hers, this is not what chastity creates but is what chastity accentuates, this is my confession and i await the consequences that will inevitably come from such a multitude of confessions.


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